Sea cme cruises from USA to Europe. Special promotions and offers for self-booking cruises from America to Europe. Transatlantic cruises.

U.S. cruise companies offer sea voyages not only to southern destinations – Bahamas and Caribbean, but also transatlantic sea cruises that start in one of the American seaports and end in European ports. A cruise from the U.S. to Europe is truly a great chance to relax and get away from everyday life for a few days, if not weeks!

Can I book a cruise from the U.S. to Europe on my own?
Of course you can! And it is better to use one of the American websites for booking a cruise. Why American? First of all, because of the attractive prices of cruises. Prices on American sites booking – the lowest and the sites themselves do not charge any additional fees for services online booking. And secondly, the variety of cruises.

When you decide to book a cruise from the U.S. to Europe through an American website, so as not to waste your time, you should keep in mind that not every American website will allow you to book a cruise for citizens of other countries than the U.S. and Canada. This same policy is followed by the most popular U.S. booking sites – Expedia and Travelocity. The well known CruiseDirect allows citizens of both the US and Canada to book cruises with the exception of MSC cruises. It should be noted that the cost of cruises on the CruiseDirect website is not different from the cost of cruises on the most famous American sites, and the site does not impose fees for online booking services.

There’s nothing complicated about the process of booking a transatlantic cruise from the U.S. to Europe. The system is similar to buying airline tickets. In America, buying cruises online is as common as buying a plane ticket. Yes, that’s right, if you’ve ever had to buy a plane ticket online yourself, then booking a cruise is basically a completely similar process, well except that instead of class of service on the plane, you have to choose a cabin class when booking the cruise. The process of payment via the Internet is standard – with a bank card.