10 Reasons to Go on a CME Sea Cruise in the U.S.

Going on CME vacation on a cruise ship is the dream of many. Very often without enough information people think that a vacation on a white-water cruise ship is an expensive pleasure. However, it is not at all, at least not in the United States.

With many major ports across the country and a huge number of cruises, a cruise vacation is one of the most popular and inexpensive types of vacation in the United States.

1- A vacation on a cruise ship is much cheaper
Just think about it – the cost of a cruise includes lodging, meals, transportation, and entertainment. And the cruise liner itself is something like an all-inclusive floating resort. A huge number of cruise companies compete with each other to attract vacationers. Healthy competition breeds affordability.

Several cruise ships set sail daily from the largest and most popular ports in the United States. It’s not at all uncommon to find great sea cruise options from Miami or Orlando for as little as $50 a night.

  1. Cruises are easy to plan and buy on your own
    And if you have a dream to find yourself on a cruise ship and go somewhere in the Bahamas or Caribbean, then even with a modest budget vacationing in the U.S. you can let your dream come true by yourself without the services of travel agencies

Book a cruise on your own with one of the largest U.S. cruise sites CruiseDirect . This site allows you to book cruises for citizens of any country at the lowest prices. And the booking process is similar to ordering tickets online. And most of the tickets are electronic, so book a cruise and have a happy voyage!

Just one little nuance. If you want to get the best prices, it is advisable to book a cruise in advance. Despite the large number of cruises in the U.S., the cheapest options sell out first.

  1. There is always plenty of entertainment on a cruise.
    You do not have to be bored on board! The job of the cruise company and the ship’s crew is to make you happy throughout the cruise, to make sure you come back.

Depending on the cruise line and the ship itself, Broadway concerts, jazz concerts, spas, restaurants, swimming pools, water parks, comedy shows, gyms, equipped with the latest exercise equipment, dancing lessons, auctions, lotteries.

For example, New York’s largest cruise liner offers a water park, whirlpools, swimming pools, exercise and concert halls, rock climbing area and much more.

How great, if realizing your dream vacation on a cruise liner, you can try or learn something new for yourself!

  1. A sea cruise does not require renting a car
    Traveling around the U.S. by yourself, with the exception of visiting big cities or if you use a private guide, requires renting a car.

With a cruise ship vacation, it’s much easier. You travel from port to port, but if you decide to make a tour or excursion in any port, too far to go. Tours are organized directly on the ship, and it is a guarantee that you will be met in the port and brought back at the end of the tour.

  1. Vacation on a cruise liner does not require you to choose and book a hotel
    Finding a hotel can take a huge amount of time when planning a vacation. What part of town to stay in, how close / far from downtown, how to fit into a budget, how would you choose a better hotel, higher ‘stars’, higher reviews?

Vacationing on a cruise liner allows you to easily avoid all this turmoil and uncertainty of planning. When you book a cruise you know exactly what your room will look like, what amenities it will have. The only dilemma may be the view from the window 😉 or lack thereof.

  1. Cruise vacation – all-inclusive meals
    Of course there are always restaurants on the cruise liner where you have to pay for food. It is natural because it is one of the ways to earn extra money. You do not have to go to these restaurants. There are always a few restaurants and cafes on the boat where you can eat for free, like a buffet.

Going on a cruise for the first time you will be surprised at how diverse the food selection is. With any taste preferences will be satisfied! A huge variety of desserts, salads, fruit, meat, fish! And you can eat as much as you want. One condition – you can not take anything out of the ship.

  1. Always excellent service.
    As already noted that the services, the variety of entertainment on the ship, the theme of the cruise, as well as the duration and itineraries of cruises can vary greatly. But what remains at the top is service.

Providing a good comfortable rest is the task of the ship’s crew. Cruise holidays are a huge business with high competition. Cruise companies have a vested interest in making vacations memorable, from concerts and entertainment to delicious, varied food and cabin cleaning.

  1. On a cruise, you have more time to travel
    How so? After all, there are 24 hours in a day!? Well, it’s simple. Given the fact that you do not spend time on transportation, which, you will agree, sometimes exhausting and often need extra time to recover. On the liner you rest – if you want actively, if you want passively. It’s your choice. And while you’re resting, you cover enormous distances, arriving at your destination port early in the morning refreshed and rested, ready to explore a new place.
  2. Set Budget.
    Going on a cruise you know in advance how much your vacation will cost you – accommodation, transportation, food, entertainment. Of course if you do not forget about the tips, and if you decide to make tours and excursions to the ports of destination, or participate in auctions, to play in the casino, to order alcoholic beverages on board, etc. for all this you have to pay. Nevertheless, a cruise vacation can be a very profitable and economical option, if that is what you would like.
  3. Going on a cruise you will visit several new places
    On vacation on a cruise liner
    Going on a cruise you will visit new places – cities and even countries! Often seaports, these are quite popular tourist destinations that people often pay a lot of money for just to get to these places.

And even if your visit to these places is not long term, you will have the opportunity to see and experience the main attractions, or just relax on the white sandy beach of one of the Bahamas, contemplating the azure sea surface and sipping a cool pina colada.